New Book Club

New Book Club Offering—Falmouth Cooks: The Falmouth Memorial Library Cookbook Book Club

Do you love to cook?  Do you love to read?  Falmouth Cooks is a book club devoted to the love of cooking, baking, eating and reading books.  The premise for the book club is to read cookbooks by local authors and to invite them to come talk with us.  We hope to meet quarterly to share recipes and some of our favorite dishes.

Falmouth Cooks will be the basis for a new fund-raising effort, a Falmouth Memorial Library Cookbook.  We will be asking library patrons to share their favorite recipes, which will be selected, tested, and compiled into an attractive book that will eventually be published and available for purchase.

If you are interested in joining or have any questions about the Cookbook Book Club, please contact Jeannie Madden at  We will meet the first Wednesday of each month.  Click on the Meetings tab for information about upcoming dates.

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